Thandy Mokgobu

Group Treasurer

Thandy Mokgobu has an impressive financial management career trajectory of over 21 years’ experience. She has held various strategic positions in different industries, showcasing her versatility and expertise in Accounting, Risk & Internal Audit, Treasury management, andManagement Consulting & Advisory.

Her career started at Mokoena Consulting Hut (Pty) Ltd in 2002, where she worked as an Risk Officer / Internal Auditor coupling Financial Accounting responsibilities. In 2006, Thandy moved to Mokoena Projects (Pty) Ltd, as a Financial Manager. At Mokoena Projects, she took on the overall financial management and treasury department responsibilities of the company. Notably, she successfully managed major construction projects, including the construction of over 2000 RDP Houses (Reconstruction and Development Programme) houses, generating revenue of more than R200 million.

After her tenure at Mokoena Projects, she joined LHC Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd in 2007 as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In her capacity as a CFO, she was responsible for overseeing financial matters for the company, which serviced government health facilities in Limpopo Province through the installation of a systematic computerized patient management system. During this time, Thandy handled a substantial revenue budget of over R300 million.

Thandy is currently an Executive of Treasury for the 2Roads Group, where she plays a vital role in financial management and treasury functions. Her experience and expertise make her a valuable asset to the organization. Additionally, she serves as an Executive Director for several member companies under the 2Roads Group, further highlighting her leadership qualities and contributions to the organization’s success.

Overall, Thandy Mokgobu is a highly motivated and results-oriented individual who values sound governance and has a proven track record of success in managing financial operations, projects, and budgets. Her specialized knowledge and extensive experience in various aspects of financial management make her an invaluable member of the 2Roads Group.