Xoli Tshabalala’s Inspiring Journey: Embracing the Road Less Travelled on South African National Women’s Day

On the occasion of South African National Women’s Day, we celebrate the remarkable journey of Xoli Tshabalala within the 2Roads Group. Her story exemplifies our belief in forging unique paths and the transformative power of dedication. What began as a role in cleaning services has evolved into a profound passion for finance, demonstrating the extraordinary potential that lies within each individual. Join us in exploring Xoli’s inspiring narrative as she embarks on the road less travelled, embodying the spirit of Women’s Day.

In November 2017, Xoli Tshabalala embarked on a new chapter by joining the 2Roads Group family, leaving behind her role at Supa Care Cleaning Company. The vibrant energy and unwavering motivation of her new environment ignited her excitement and drive. As she witnessed her colleagues’ unwavering dedication, Xoli found herself drawn to the possibility of growth and transformation.

Amid her role as a cleaner, Xoli’s journey took an unexpected turn when she was asked to assist a colleague with document copies. It was in this moment that her dormant interest in finance awakened. This newfound curiosity served as a catalyst, setting her on a course toward uncharted territory.

Xoli’s transition from a cleaning role to the INDT finance department was a testament to the supportive community within 2Roads Group. A former colleague recognised Xoli’s potential and advocated for her, leading to opportunities within the finance team.


Challenges arose as Xoli navigated a world of laptops and paperwork, domains foreign to her previous experience. Yet, her determination was matched by the patience and guidance of her finance colleagues. Through perseverance, she conquered obstacles and embraced tasks such as document filing, scanning, and copying.


Guided by the mentorship of individuals like Mr. Duba, the chairman of 2Roads Group, and the support of the Finance Department team, Xoli’s journey flourished. Their belief in her growth, coupled with Xoli’s own determination, shattered limitations she once believed existed.


Empowered by the resources at her disposal, Xoli honed her skills through practice, leveraging laptops and even contributing at the reception. These experiences were instrumental in her professional development.


From her modest beginnings as a cleaner, Xoli’s skills underwent a remarkable transformation. She emerged as a confident communicator, adept at navigating emails and verbal interactions. Her self-esteem soared as she embraced tasks she had once deemed reserved for professionals.


Though formal training programmes were yet to materialise, Xoli’s hands-on approach fuelled her financial expertise.


Xoli’s perspective on her career path underwent a profound shift. No longer confined by self-imposed limitations, she recognised the plethora of opportunities available to those willing to embrace change and growth.


In her own words, Xoli advises colleagues considering a similar shift to embrace the path less travelled:

“There is nothing impossible in life, as long as you believe in yourself. You never know what tomorrow might bring you. Also, you never know who is watching how you give your job your all, and taking that as a compliment for opening doors for you.”

Xoli’s journey is a beacon of empowerment, emblematic of the spirit of South African National Women’s Day. It encapsulates the essence of taking risks, overcoming challenges, and redefining boundaries. Her story resonates with the belief that every woman possesses the innate strength to shape her destiny.


As Xoli enters a new chapter within the INDT finance team, her goals are driven by self-confidence and professional growth. Her vision extends beyond personal development – she aspires to elevate the entire Finance Department to new heights.


On this Women’s Day, which also marks Xoli’s birthday, we extend our heartfelt wishes to her. Xoli expresses her gratitude to 2Roads Group for the opportunity to redefine herself. Her journey is a tribute to the spirit of South African women – resilient, bold, and unafraid to tread unexplored paths.


With the future beckoning, Xoli is excited about the journey ahead. As she embraces her role within the INDT finance department, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of knowledge, impact, and empowerment. Her passion for finance continues to illuminate her path, inspiring others to seize opportunities and shape their destinies.


In celebrating Xoli Tshabalala’s extraordinary journey on her birthday, we honour the indomitable spirit of women who defy conventions, shatter barriers, and carve their paths on the road less travelled. Happy South African National Women’s Day!


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